C:Double with shower(2nd floor)

Room Type(fllor)
C:Double with shower(2nd floor)


Extent(Square meter)

Rates per room(JPY) including tax
Two persons
1 day 14,000yen⇒ 11,900yen
1 week 71,040yen⇒ 60,384yen
1 month 180,000yen⇒16,2000yen

DSC00545.JPG      DSC00701.JPG

※6 nights = 1 week, 30 nights = 1 month

※One night stay is available.

※Room facilities include bed, closet, refrigerator, TV, air conditioner, desks, desk light, bed table, clock with alarm, towels, hair drier, etc.

※FREE Parking, laundry, bicycle.

※Wireless internet LAN connection is available in all rooms. (Please bring your own LAN card.)

※Advanced payment is required.

※See Details of Reservation Fee.


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